Exploring Fablewood- July 19, 2017

It's been a while since I've drawn Otis and Gertrude. Forever ago, I drew this interesting tree folk that I wanted to use for an illustration and knew it was a perfect Otis moment. Otis sits on one of the legs of the oldest tree folk in all of Fablewood called the Grand Historian. Since Otis is always looking for a good story, he sits with the tree for many hours sharing his trinkets and stories with the elder.

Here are the base sketches I used for the grayscale comp, cut and pasting them in photoshop to use as a guide of where to place the lighting. While its just to give me direction of lighting and shapes, it was a nice exercise before siting and drawing out the entire piece. The size is going to be 11x17 inches and I'll print this gray scale comp out to use as my guide to transfer of shapes to the bristol. 

Exploring Fablewood-May 9, 2016

The past week has been busy between my day job, getting ready for Free Comic Book day, and venturing to The Comic Book Shop in Wilmington DE on Saturday. I didn't have a chance to work on any Fablewood related drawings or sketches. So I've decided to share a page from Songs of Fablewood, which will soon be available in my online shop I'm setting up. 

Otis lost in Fog Hollow



Monster Monday-December 28, 2015


Troll Wizard

page from Songs of Fablewood

Its the last Monster Monday of the year. It's been 3 years of Monster Monday and 2 consecutive year of not missing a Monday post. Since its the year end, I decided to share a page from my book Songs of Fablewood. This year has been a huge leap forward in my style, work, and process. And I look forward to the continued growth as an artist. Today is the last Monster Monday ever but not the end of Monday posts. Next Monday starts the next chapter.

Illuxcon 2015

Another Illuxcon has passed and this year was the best yet, even though I lost my voice from allergies and could barely talk. I still had many great conversations with the other artists. The museum was lined was awesome art from artists all of the world. It was hard to choose what to do each day because of all the great lectures, talks, and galleries to explore.

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 2.03.12 PM

Winona Nelson’s talk on creating personal projects was a highlight of the lectures. Listening to speak about her personal journey through creating commercial illustrations then transistioning her work to be more of a personal reflection of past emotions and personal history. It was incredibly brave and moving to hear her speak.

The science of thinking and art lecture was also enlightening. The talk connected personal art experience backed with scientific fact of how the brain created and stores memories. Its hard to explain because I’m not super knowledgeable in brain chemistry.

Donato’s lecture on career challenges was great as well. For someone in the top of the industry talk about how they’ve messed up along the way and have a successful career. It’s nice to hear that everyone has bumps in their career road.

photo by Shawn Hendricks

This year was my second year showing in the showcase. Over the past year my art has changed a lot and so I had to order a new banner, postcards, and business cards to represent my new body of work. This was the first convention I brought Songs of Fablewood to. I received great feedback about the book, the mushroom folk were a crowd favorite of the creature spread.

Now that I am back home and ready to create new drawings, projects, and send my portfolio out to publishing houses.

Asking for Directions

Directions_p_Connelly Another of the full color illustrations from Songs of Fablewood. After being lost in Fog Hollow, Otis and Gertrude meet a friendly tree folk who gives the pair some advice on how to navigate through out Fablewood.

This one was part of the the illustrations I created during my ten week mentorship with Corey Godbey. It was a great experience  and am glad have a new way of thinking about narrative and story telling. And I am also enjoying working in graphite, something I would probably not have said a year ago. Losing the inked line for the pencil has really help me push my work more towards the young adult/children's market that I am after.

Songs of Fablewood Kickstarter is still Live, get books, commissions, and original art!