Sticks the thief

A weird little dragony, lizard guy, Sticks steals to for survival and for fun. He can't help but take, but only from the well off. Stealing from the weak is stealing from oneself in his mind. He hangs to the shadows, waits in the ally ways, and slits your purse before you feel the wait leave your person. 

As always Sticks is a character I would love to play in an RPG and really explore. I could add him to one of my campaigns but I think his concept is too much fun to just be a passer by for my friends to meet 


Classic RPG Monster: Spectator

Another creature completed and ready to share, a Spectator. Seen as a minor beholder and not as threatening but still has the capability to obliterate adventurers. One of the first threatening beasts my D&D group fought while we were low level characters trying to save the city from a hoard of undead, kobolds, evil twins then a beholder. It was a wild ride. I wanted to draw my version of what that beast looked like before the party killed it or more like paladin Adira causing damage as my character was probably knocked out. 

Hill Giant

Another of the classic RPG characters I've been working on is the Hill Giant. Huge, strong, swinger of bats, but not that smart, the hill giant wanders the rolling grasses in search of sheep to steal from the near by farms. Watch out that he doesn't smash your house with his bat or foot.. or he might sit on it. Who knows?! 

I drew this character with out a background to use as a paper miniature for a future Dungeons and Dragons adventure for my friends. In the future I will probably release a download pack of paper miniatures through the DMs Guild.

Zorn, reimagined

In college, I starting playing Dungeons and Dragons with some friends of mine. We would take turns dungeon mastering and playing characters. During one campaign based on the dark soul series (if I recall correctly) I played a warforge (a magical robot) knight. I liked the idea of the character still and decided to reinvent the character to be a non-player character that the players have the potential to meet in the City of the Iron Conclave; a mysterious city run by these magical automatons in a weird Disney world like recreation of what a city should be. But Zorn is a little different from the other automatons. 

Here is her updated design:

Just for full, I searched my tumblr for the first drawing I made of Zorn while we were playing through the adventure. Then I redrew her again a few years later thinking I might play the character again. And added the new drawing as well.

I like to think I got better at drawing.

Gnome Barbarian

Another creation of the random dice rolls on my RPG Character Concept chart. All I do in Roll a 12 sided dice to create a random concept. Sometimes its easier to let fate choose then think. It's a create little exercise to try when I'm stumped. It has led to a bunch of finished drawings and characters for my Dungeons and Dragons game.

Here's the chart I created if you are interested in trying it out yourself. Would love to see your results if you use it

Igor Warren, Night Maggot Rogue

Having last week off from my full time job I was able to spend time not just finishing the Parade of Wisps illustration but also color this illustration as well. 

While I feel that my digital skills have grown in the past year, I still have a ways to go in my speed. Its a great amount of experimenting before I get a final result that I am pleased with. I am starting to dungeon master a game for my friends and can imagine this character showing up in their adventures. 

Goblin Week

This year I slacked on Goblin Week, I was busy drawing aliens instead and a bunch of not very original goblins. But I did finish a goblin just in time for the end of Goblin Week! 

Based on the classic Dungeons and Dragons Goblin, I sketched this little gob solider as a spot illustration that could be in an RPG manual next to some stats. Now back to sketching!

Classic Creatures: The Beholder

A Beholder is a strange monster created in the early history of Dungeons and Dragons. Each eye stalk shoots a different ray of death, not instant death, but enough to put fear into facing a Beholder deep in a dungeon.

I designed this Beholder a few months back and its been sitting on my desk waiting to be finished. Spent a few hours rendering the piece over the weekend as one of the last things I made last year and added to my stack of 2016 drawings. 

If you are interested in owning this drawing. Make sure to check out my shop along with copies of my sketchbooks.

NOTE: I thought it would be interesting to have the Beholder's large eye be a door. And the group of adventures would find a huge key, not knowing what it opens. Turns out at the final battle that the key is the only way to get some relic from the Beholder guarding it literally in its hard.

Bog Crawler Warlord

Back in November I posted the original Bog Crawler. Since then have added the leader to the Bog Crawlers of the marshy swamps. This Bog Crawler has been through battle with scars, jagged fins, even missing an eye. This isn't the standard minion in a level 1 dungeon. Mechanic wise, I see the Warlord as a low level spell caster that is able to boost the stats of near by allies. 

I plan on creating a mock up of the bog crawlers with stats to show how my artwork can be used for RPGs and other books.

Bog Crawler Drawing

Lately for inspiration I have been flipping through monster manuals and creature codexes looking for interesting beings to draw. Inspired by all the art, I created a Bog Crawler. Able to move quietly in the muddy waters, it attacks with its hooked swords dragging it's prey into the swamp to drown. Bog Crawlers fight in small hunting groups to ambush trespassers venturing into their grounds.

I see bog Crawlers as a low level creature with a much stronger Bog Crawler war chief as the leader. I might have to make some stats for 5th edition to use these creatures against my friends.

Fish_Creature_Drawing copy.jpg

War Orc

Continuing the series of drawings I've made in the past few months and never posted is a drawing of an orc. I created this drawing while sitting in my hotel room the night before illuxcon started. I am not good at watching tv and always have to have a pencil in my hand in order to sit still. So I sketched this portrait out while I watched the presidential debate in October. At the time I just made the drawing for fun, but I plan for this orc character to pop up in a Dungeons and Dragons game down the road.


Return of Rus Dread-Gourger

Rus has been a character that every once in a while I draw. He's not a part of a larger project, though I do have little bits of narrative in mind. Rus is more of a character I return to when I need a break and just want to draw a goblin. Though there is a good chance that Rus will end up in a Dungeons and Dragons campaign when I decide to play another rogue.

Tavern Tales-Goblin Bard

I realized I had a bunch of drawings that I have not yet shared and will over the next week or two. With all that is going on I wanted to share something that is light hearted and fun. During Illuxcon I finished this drawing of a goblin bard. While working on it, it was apparent that the character I was drawing was Otis from Songs of Fablewood. I ran with it and decided this is what Otis would look like in a 'high fantasy' setting. Just playing singing, enjoying life, and traveling the world to tell grand stories of heroes and the down fall of villains. 

Dwarf in the Dungeon

With comic con over and Illuxcon next week, I've been sorting through drawings to bring to the showcase on Friday and Saturday. I realized I have a few drawings that I never shared. One of which is a character illustration inspired by classic Dungeons and Dragons. I love the art from Advance Dungeons and Dragons, its weird, diverse, and crude (in a good way). And I like to flip threw the old manuals for inspiration for my own fantasy illustrations. One of which inspired this drawing.

Corn Stalker

With Halloween around the corner, I can't help but plan a Dungeons and Dragons adventure for October. I've been creating encounters, plot points and of course creatures for the players to deal with. And one of those is the Corn Stalker, an animated scarecrow construct. I don't want to reveal details about the creature but it will be a difficult creature to fight.

Dungeons and Dragons

    Over the past 6 months, I’ve been playing in a Dungeons and Dragons campaign with a group of awesome people. We’ve saved kidnapped children, rode a magic turtle, caused a battle at the royal palace and ultimately saved the city from evil.

    The party consists of varied group of people who came together after beating some goblins at a royal party, two as invited guests and my character snuck in through the back window. Not knowing anyone else in the city the group stuck together and chaos ensued.

Adira Harrt is a paladin of Torm using both weapons and magic in battle. She grew up in a noble ruling family and rejected the expectations of a noblewoman should be. With a sword in hand and shield in the other Adira became a skilled fighter. A tragic loss of her family and losing control the city. She ended up at Khalat, ready to aid the weak. With her high moral standing, Adira guides the party in justice for the weak and no mercy for the evil.

 Cervantes is a halfling elemental monk. He didn't reveal his past to the party but was a known champion in the fighting ring. With his creative thinking, he commissioned inventions ranging from an endless water decanter for spells to a gauntlet grappling hook. Often quick to act, he smashed a music box of a ghost that led to his death. Unable to resurrect Cervantes, he was laid to rest at the Temple of Torm.


    Oliver is a knowledge cleric and played by the Dungeon Master as an NPC to help the party in their adventure. He spends much of his time cooking, learning the secrets to crafting the perfect meal. Not wanting to be a hero, he reluctantly joined the party to save the kidnapped children and save the city. After the fame, Oliver retired back to his life of cooking but still helps the gang with his magic and knowledge.

6 is a halfling arcane rouge, using both magic and blades to sneak attack her enemies. Her childhood was spent in slavery for a noble elven trading family where she lost all connection to her family. Through traveling the world on the trade caravans, she secretly trained to win her escape. A revolt ensued between the slave and the guards, 6 killed the son of the elven family and was the lone escaper. Traveling to Khalat she seeks revenge on the Nobles who enslaved her and wants to find her true identity along with her family. 

These designs for the characters are based on there Level 1 to 3 armor, abilities, and actions. The need to be updated soon as the characters are Level 5 and two new members have joined the party,

If you are interested in having your character drawn I will soon be launching a store via my website and can commission a character illustration. If you can’t wait till then, shoot me an email at


I'm a huge fan of Dungeons and Dragons and love the amount of creativity the game has. Related to the Dragon Turtle pirate I posted a while back, I add another race from the same world the Astakos. Created by the home-brew D&D community of tumblr/Reddit the Astakos are crustacean creatures that have natural armor and are skilled in enchantments. 

Some of the preliminary sketches:

And the original drawing:

King ThunderbEard

Recently I have started reading 'War of the Dwarves' by Markus Heitz, the second in the series of Dwarves. Inspired by the books I drew a portrait of a Dwarf King. It started out as a small sketch after reading one night, got lost under a pile of paper, then reemerged a few weeks later to become a finished drawing.

The design was inspired by a drawing I did a few years back of a dwarf Lord Thunderbeard. No longer of Lord, now a king



Creating the Dragon Turtle

A while back I posted the finished Dragon Turtle I created for a D&D Homebrew group on Tumblr. After sorting though piles of sketches around my desk, I collected some of the preliminary sketches for the turtle design.

Most of the time I sketch with a colored pencil, usually red or blue sometimes orange. Then I smudge the entire drawing with some cloth, softening the underdrawing. And because my sleeve would do the same. I'll render the drawing with a variety of pencils and easers switching between the two till the drawings done.