Nora TrollBleeder

Sorry for not posting in a while! It's been a little crazy, I left my old job and started a new one and I'm juggling multiple Dungeons and Dragons games, and the general chaos of life.

But that doesn't mean I don't have new art share. Here is Nora Trollbleeder, dwarf cleric of the forge. She is definitely a character I would like to play in D&D, I just don't get to be a player as much as I would like to. Any way. quick insight into her character. She works as a smith with divine gift from the dwarven god of craft, where she forges some of the best weapons in the empire. But left her forge to help in the front lines when her brother is slain by a troll and vows to kill it herself. 


Cyclops Stormcaller

Sorry for the lack of posting. October is always a busy month with NY Comic Con and Illuxcon along with the general busyness of life.

But no fear!

With all the drawings I've created, very few get finished with full color. But I'm trying to change that by taking some of my favorite pieces and color them to send out as examples to art directors. So I pulled out the Cyclops Stormcaller I drew inspired by the Critical Role source book. I really liked the description and lore Matt Mercer created and knew I wanted to draw it.


Digital color to me is always a balance of cools and warms and not losing the drawing under all the layers of color. The base colors always start either warm or cool then the shadows/highlights will be the opposite with glazes of color on top to unify. My method is probably not perfect but so far its been working for me. So back to coloring I go!

Dungeons and Dragons

    Over the past 6 months, I’ve been playing in a Dungeons and Dragons campaign with a group of awesome people. We’ve saved kidnapped children, rode a magic turtle, caused a battle at the royal palace and ultimately saved the city from evil.

    The party consists of varied group of people who came together after beating some goblins at a royal party, two as invited guests and my character snuck in through the back window. Not knowing anyone else in the city the group stuck together and chaos ensued.

Adira Harrt is a paladin of Torm using both weapons and magic in battle. She grew up in a noble ruling family and rejected the expectations of a noblewoman should be. With a sword in hand and shield in the other Adira became a skilled fighter. A tragic loss of her family and losing control the city. She ended up at Khalat, ready to aid the weak. With her high moral standing, Adira guides the party in justice for the weak and no mercy for the evil.

 Cervantes is a halfling elemental monk. He didn't reveal his past to the party but was a known champion in the fighting ring. With his creative thinking, he commissioned inventions ranging from an endless water decanter for spells to a gauntlet grappling hook. Often quick to act, he smashed a music box of a ghost that led to his death. Unable to resurrect Cervantes, he was laid to rest at the Temple of Torm.


    Oliver is a knowledge cleric and played by the Dungeon Master as an NPC to help the party in their adventure. He spends much of his time cooking, learning the secrets to crafting the perfect meal. Not wanting to be a hero, he reluctantly joined the party to save the kidnapped children and save the city. After the fame, Oliver retired back to his life of cooking but still helps the gang with his magic and knowledge.

6 is a halfling arcane rouge, using both magic and blades to sneak attack her enemies. Her childhood was spent in slavery for a noble elven trading family where she lost all connection to her family. Through traveling the world on the trade caravans, she secretly trained to win her escape. A revolt ensued between the slave and the guards, 6 killed the son of the elven family and was the lone escaper. Traveling to Khalat she seeks revenge on the Nobles who enslaved her and wants to find her true identity along with her family. 

These designs for the characters are based on there Level 1 to 3 armor, abilities, and actions. The need to be updated soon as the characters are Level 5 and two new members have joined the party,

If you are interested in having your character drawn I will soon be launching a store via my website and can commission a character illustration. If you can’t wait till then, shoot me an email at

King ThunderbEard

Recently I have started reading 'War of the Dwarves' by Markus Heitz, the second in the series of Dwarves. Inspired by the books I drew a portrait of a Dwarf King. It started out as a small sketch after reading one night, got lost under a pile of paper, then reemerged a few weeks later to become a finished drawing.

The design was inspired by a drawing I did a few years back of a dwarf Lord Thunderbeard. No longer of Lord, now a king