Exploring Fablewood-January 25, 2016


Otis hiking in the mountains

graphite on bristol

Otis is off on another adventure into the mountainous area of Fablewood. Many giants and a few dragons live in the crags of rock hiding from the daylight and venturing out at night. Otis hikes up the highest mountain looking for an ancient dragon, Razeth, to record the histories of Fablewood.

Goblin Week 2016- Day 1


Portrait of a Goblin Solider

5.5x7.5, graphite on paper

It's that time of year again, its Goblin Week again on Tumblr. I don't need an excuse to draw goblins, it's really a week where the rest of the internet joins in with goblins of there own. Starting out this week is a goblin portrait inspired by classic Dungeons and Dragons art work from the original books as well as Advance D&D.

Tomorrow will be Exploring Fablewood but contributing to Goblin Week

Monster Monday- March 23, 2015

lich_gob This week's monster is a Goblin Lich, an undead necromancer raising armies of the dead for destruction.

Between starting a new job and spending most of my drawing time working on my project for the mentorship program. I'll try to have at least sketches for Monster Monday and the blog may slow down since I want to reveal the whole mentorship program project at the end. Make sure to follow me on instragram for sneak peeks.

Monster Monday- March 9, 2015

goblin_wiz_hat Last week my new brush pen arrived in the mail. Lately I've been looking for a brush pen to take with me on the go since carrying a bottle of ink and brush isn't convenient. I ordered a Kuretake Brush Pen and like it more then the Pentel Pocket Brush. It glides much smoother and the brush is stronger. As a test I inked this portrait of a goblin wizard for Goblin Guild.