Exploring Fablewood- February 29, 2016

This week's addition to the Fablewood mythos is an arcane veteran and a member of the Magician's Council along with Troll Witch and Troll Wizard.

Joreth lives in Fog Hollow in a small cabin collecting rare herbs and mushrooms for medicines. He is often found in his garden growing herbs for his experiments. Visiting Joreth can be a challenge with the beasts living in Fog Hollow scaring people away. But the beasts don't bother Joreth since he heals the injured creatures asking for nothing in return. 

Exploring Fablewood-Feburary 8, 2016


Boggart Designs

Sketched various designs for Boggarts for an illustration. Boggarts like to cause trouble by stealing pies from windows or rolling around in mud then entering your house. Most Fablewood residents see Boggarts as tricksters with a childish nature.

More work to be done on experimenting with the designs to get the silhouette and design I'm looking for

Exploring Fablewood-January 25, 2016


Otis hiking in the mountains

graphite on bristol

Otis is off on another adventure into the mountainous area of Fablewood. Many giants and a few dragons live in the crags of rock hiding from the daylight and venturing out at night. Otis hikes up the highest mountain looking for an ancient dragon, Razeth, to record the histories of Fablewood.

Monster Monday-December 28, 2015


Troll Wizard

page from Songs of Fablewood

Its the last Monster Monday of the year. It's been 3 years of Monster Monday and 2 consecutive year of not missing a Monday post. Since its the year end, I decided to share a page from my book Songs of Fablewood. This year has been a huge leap forward in my style, work, and process. And I look forward to the continued growth as an artist. Today is the last Monster Monday ever but not the end of Monday posts. Next Monday starts the next chapter.

Gnome Ink Drawing

smoking_gnome Continuing to experiment with the new brush pen I have. A while back I posted pages from my sketchbook, one of the pages had some gnome designs and I decided to take the idea I create a finished drawing. Resulting in the final ink drawing of a gnome smoking a pipe. Lately I've been interested in doing more folklore inspired pieces then just fantasy and have more ideas ready to be drawn and inked.