Goblin Bomber

Started this drawing during Goblin Week in January and finished recently between commissions and my day job. Goblins in my mind are chaotic fighters, experimenting with black powder and using risky technology to make up for their lack of physical strength. I've drawn a bunch of goblins with a similar concept in the past but I think this one fits my idea the best. 

Here's the sketchbook page that started the drawing. 

In order not to lose some of the sketches I create on random sheets of paper, I'll tape them into my sketchbook. If I'm struggling to create the same action as the thumbnail pose, I'll enlarge the thumbnail, print it out and work on top of the printed sketch. Not only does it save time but I get exactly what I like from the sketch for my final drawing.

Lastly here's a work in progress photo I took one night while working on the drawing