Illuxcon 2015

Another Illuxcon has passed and this year was the best yet, even though I lost my voice from allergies and could barely talk. I still had many great conversations with the other artists. The museum was lined was awesome art from artists all of the world. It was hard to choose what to do each day because of all the great lectures, talks, and galleries to explore.

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 2.03.12 PM

Winona Nelson’s talk on creating personal projects was a highlight of the lectures. Listening to speak about her personal journey through creating commercial illustrations then transistioning her work to be more of a personal reflection of past emotions and personal history. It was incredibly brave and moving to hear her speak.

The science of thinking and art lecture was also enlightening. The talk connected personal art experience backed with scientific fact of how the brain created and stores memories. Its hard to explain because I’m not super knowledgeable in brain chemistry.

Donato’s lecture on career challenges was great as well. For someone in the top of the industry talk about how they’ve messed up along the way and have a successful career. It’s nice to hear that everyone has bumps in their career road.

photo by Shawn Hendricks

This year was my second year showing in the showcase. Over the past year my art has changed a lot and so I had to order a new banner, postcards, and business cards to represent my new body of work. This was the first convention I brought Songs of Fablewood to. I received great feedback about the book, the mushroom folk were a crowd favorite of the creature spread.

Now that I am back home and ready to create new drawings, projects, and send my portfolio out to publishing houses.